Congratulations Session One Students On Graduating! And To Be Continued…

Today, we are graduating from Session One, congratulations everyone! Our students accomplished so many things in these two weeks, learning Chinese language as well as culture through participation in traditional activities, dance, making food and crafts. Students also made good friends with their classmates and teachers!



Fun times go by so quickly, and the next session will be full of new challenges and growth! Let us continue to grow and learn together!

时间过得飞快,转眼间两个月结束了。 下一个学期会充满刺激与挑战。让我们一起成长,老师们都期待见到更好的你们。

To be continued…


Also, a last remind to current students: Do not forget about tomorrow’s field trip to the New York Fire Museum! See you there.


7.19 field trip



Learning About the Seasons


Today in the Penguin class students learned the four seasons in Chinese: “chun” (spring), “xia” (summer), “qiu” (fall),  and “dong” (winter). The teacher helped students to design their favorite clothing to wear during the four different seasons.


Today in the Panda class, students learned about “qiu” (fall) in Chinese. The students had a great time learning about the traditional holidays and activities that take place during the fall season.

今天熊猫版的小朋友们学习了“秋天”。 小朋友们在老师的带领下也充分感受到了秋天是一个什么样的季节。


Fun with fan dancing and calligraphy writing

Today our teachers led all the students in a traditional fan dance. Fan dance is a popular form dance from China, and is also performed in other parts of Asia, such as Korea and Japan. Students had a lot of fun learning the fan dance while accompanied by traditional Chinese music. By learning this Chinese style of fan dance, students took part in an ancient tradition, and arrived at a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.


Today all the students joined the Chinese calligraphy class. Chinese calligraphy is an art unique to Chinese culture. “shu” (calligraphy), “hua” (painting), “qin” (a string instrument), and “qi” (a strategic game) are the four basic skills and discipline of the Chinese literati. With the help of the teachers, students wrote the Chinese words for “happiness”. Students also worked together to create a Chinese traditional painting with pandas and bamboo.



Exploring AMNH and making dumplings!

Today in the Rabbit Class students learned the names of different animals in Chinese. Teacher helped students to draw and color their favorite animals.


Today in the Penguin class students learned how to say different articles of clothing in Chinese, such as “pants”, “shirt”, and “dress”. Teachers helped students to design their own favorite clothes.


We also had a great time exploring AMNH last Friday, with our very own bilingual guide and paleontologist, Vernon! We’re all looking forward to our next visit to AMNH’s “Living Oceans” exhibit in August!


Getting creative in the Penguin and Dragon Classes!

Today in the penguin class students designed their own Chinese folding fans! Teachers helped students to create their own beautiful fans, and students were very proud of their hand-made functional artwork.


Today in the Dragon Class, students learned about traditional Chinese architecture by constructing their own “siheyuanr”. A “siheyuanr” is a traditional form of Chinese dwelling, featuring a four sided compound surrounding a square courtyard.

中国龙班的小朋友们今天学习合作了一个“四合院”。 “四合院”是中国合院的传统建筑,小朋友们对自己的作品特别满意。

Today in the Rabbit Class Ms. Catherine taught our youngest students the story of “Little Bean”, along with a cute jumping dance to go along with the story. After having the chance to unleash some of their energy through dance, the students showed improved concentration and focus during the story-telling.


Remember that our field trip to the American Museum of Natural History is tomorrow (Friday 7/12)! Drop-off is at 9:45am at the Hayden Planetarium Entrance on 81st St! Please see the flyer for more details: Field Trip July 12th flyer


Learning Chinese geography and characters!

Today students in the Dragon Classroom learned the Chinese words for the cardinal directions, north “北”,south “南”, east “东”, and west “西”. Students not only learned how to write out the characters, they also applied the newly learned directions to a map of China, as a continuation of their study of Chinese geography.

今天中国龙班的小朋友们学习了汉字的“东,南,西,北。“ 小朋友们不仅可以清楚的认识汉子怎么写,还可以在中国地图上清楚的标志出汉字的”东,南,西,北“ 的方位。

Today in the Panda Class, students studied the protected animals of different countries. The children learned how to identify these animals in Chinese, through a fun and engaging matching game prepared by their teacher. By the end of the game, students were able to quickly say the correct Chinese word for each country’s special animal.



Day 2: Ribbon Dancing and Stories from our Penguin and Rabbit Classes

Today Ms. Emily led a class on traditional Chinese ribbon dance! Ribbon dance originated in Chinese folk culture, first starting in the Tang dynasty. During ancient times, people from all across China participated in the dance to celebrate the year’s harvest, and the dance continues as a vibrant aspect of Chinese folk culture today. Students enthusiastically participated and had fun learning to use their ribbons to take part in the elegant traditional dance.


In the Penguin class we studied the flag of China and made our own Chinese flags. The flag of the People’s Republic of China is called the “Five Star Red Flag”, with an arc of four yellow stars in the upper-left corner surrounding one large star, symbolizing the unity and strength of the original four ethnic groups of China. By studying the different shapes, colors, and creating their own flags, students learned about the meaning and symbolism of China’s flag.



Our Rabbit Class is made up of the youngest students in our summer program. Today, teachers prepared a game to teach students the Chinese different colors and the Chinese word for “elephant” (大象). After learning the different names of colors, students got creative by using their favorite colors to decorate their own imaginative elephants!


Stay tuned next time for more stories from our classrooms! 下次见!