Update: 08/01/2017 – The Erhu Workshop

Greetings Parents,

Last Wednesday, we had one of the most joyful workshops in the summer – The Erhu workshop. We invited presenter and performer from the Gong Music, this one-hour workshop was definitely fantastic and wonderful.


The artist showed how the Erhu sounds like at the beginning, all the students were so engaged to his musical performance.

Click this video for the performance: Erhu performance


We learned how to write the Chinese character for Erhu 二胡, and describe the shape of the instrument. IMG_3834


Moving on… 🙂 We tried how to play the Erhu!


Check out some of the videos from two of our performers!

Erhu performance 1 and Erhu Performance 2

The workshop ended with one of the popular songs that our students know well – LET IT GO! Some of our students sang together with the beautiful music.

Check out our videos! Let it go – 1 and Let it go – 2


We are going to have another music workshop in session 3 – the Gong Music presenter and performer are going to introduce Guzheng 古箏! We can’t wait for it!


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