Field Trip#4: The Prospect Park Zoo

Greetings Parents, 

Last Friday, we went to the Prospect Park Zoo for our fourth field trip. We were shocked by the thunderstorms happened early in the morning. And thank you for our students’ SUPERPOWER, we arrived the zoo and had our trip with beautiful weather!


The Prospect Park Zoo is divided mainly into four parts – The Barn, The Animal Lifestyles, the Discovery Trail, and the Sea Lion Court. We first walked to the Barn… 🙂IMG_4230

When we were walking to the Barn, we found something super exciting! We were guessing if this is a real animal?IMG_4187

And here we arrived at the Barn!


We found many animals living in the Barn, including but not limited to cows 牛, sheep 羊, and pigs 豬, and one of the barn animals that we never learn in the classroom – ALPACA 羊駝!


We observed the lovely animals first, then we started to feed them! All the students were so excited feeding them! 


Check out the videos for the exciting moments!! 😀

Feeding Barn Animals I

Feeding Barn Animals II – It licked my hand!

Feeding Barn Animals – You can’t see me!

Feeding Barn Animals – looking for the 羊羊羊

After feeding the barn animals, we found an area for us to learn how to milk the cows… 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wait… hold on, it’s just water 🙂

Check out this video – How our busy buddies milked the cow 🙂

Then we moved on to the Discovery Trail, we had to pass some tricky paths first!IMG_4241IMG_4243IMG_4245IMG_4247

Check out the video – Nothing can stop us!

Look what we found! TORTOISE! 乌龟! Oh, wait, TORTOISESSSSSSSSSSS!!IMG_4255IMG_4253

What did we do next??? – Fed the tortoises! Let’s get some foods for them.IMG_4259IMG_4262IMG_4264IMG_4265

Check out our video – Feeding Tortoises

The tortoises were all full, we walked to the Animal Styles Area and took a break. Well, Mr. Peacock was on our way though…IMG_4267

We found some fishes and sea animals there.


And we found an animal that we were so familiar with – the Monkeys (猴子).


We were fully charged after taking a relaxing break, it’s time to move on to the sea lion show!


It’s an excellent field trip right? Next week we are going to the New York Historical Society!


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