Updates: 08/07/2017 – Summer Camp Session II Week 2

Greetings Parents, 

Could you imagine that our session II is done already? Moving on to session III, we would like to share some of the moments in session II with you 🙂

We continued our topic “MY SUPERHEROES” during the second week. 

In the morning we started our class with free-play, the magnetic blocks is a fun material to challenge their creativeness!


We also involved an experiential writing station and a drawing station for the students to choose too!

Becuase our field trip last week was planned to visit the zoo, we did some art and crafts activities related to animals.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Our ages 3-6 students finally dressed up with the customs and ready to be the superheroes!

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Great job our little superheroes! Please have them to tell you the story about 葫芦娃 too!


As a whole group, we did a photo-shooting activity last Thursday. Please enjoy the wonderful pictures 😀

Nihao2 with logoIMG_1173IMG_1179

For the afternoon workshop, we practiced the Chinese Calligraphy, everyone was so enjoyed practicing it!


Check out the videos about their learning processes! 

Chinese Calligraphy Video I  AND  Chinese Calligraphy II

More afternoon activities – 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More news on this week? Go check out our coming blog – The Prospect Zoo field trip 😀


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