Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

Last week, our teachers carefully designed teaching materials and interactive activities, the students enjoyed happy time learning Mandarin and celebrating Halloween.

halloween 1.jpg

The teacher brought a chocolate haunted house to the class. She designed the instructions and worksheets about how to build this house. The children were super engaged in this class because they all loved the amazing chocolate house!

halloween 2.jpg

The children not only learned some nouns when building the house, but also had a glimpse of how to express sequence in Mandarin.

Halloween 3.jpg

The children also invited students in other classrooms to come to their “house”. They learned how to give an invitation and greet the guests in Mandarin. 欢迎来到万圣节派对(Welcome to Halloween party!)

Halloween 4.jpg

In toddler’s class, they did some mysterious handwork. Can you guess what he is doing?

Halloween 5.jpg

They are making their own Jack – O -Lantern’s!

Halloween 6.jpg

In this hands-on activity, they gradually learned the words of shapes and colors in Mandarin.

Halloween 7.jpg

These bigger children made more complicated handcrafts. They used colorful paper to make a mini-pumpkins.

Halloween 8.jpg

They were really excited when introducing their pumpkins!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Upper East Side Toddlers

Greetings parents and Families,

Our Fall 2017 semester has been running for about two months! We hope you all have been enjoying your time with us! This week we wanted to share  with you our Upper East Side Toddler class. Please have a look.

UES T1.jpg

At the beginning of the class, the teacher uses the flashcards with the vocabulary that will help the children with today’s story. With colorful pictures and clear instructions, the students are able to build up vocabulary background for the following activities.

UES T 2.jpg

The teacher reads the story book to the students with and asks them questions to help them understand the story. The story is usually closely related to students’ daily life so that the students are engaged in the conversation with the teacher and their classmates.

UES T 3.jpg

The teacher then uses role playing techniques to gauge the students comprehension of the story. She gives each student a part to play, and lines to say. After practicing dialogue of their roles, it is clear that the students have a full understanding of the story and the Mandarin words!

UES T 4.jpg

The teacher sings a Chinese children’s song to the students. She also used a musical ball to give them a beat.

UES t 5.jpg

Once they know all the words the students and the teacher sing a Chinese children’s song together!

UES t 6.jpg

At the end of the class, every student sings and dances with a feather in their hand. They used body movement and music to help them understand the words in the song.

See you next time!


Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Greetings Parents and families,

As the Mid-Autumn Festival fell on October 4th this year, students spent a meaningful time last week at China Institute to experience the wonderful culture of one of the most significant traditional festivals of China through various activities. Teachers prepared materials like handcrafts, chant, moon cakes as well as the tale behind the festival. Let’s take a look at students’ passion towards the lessons!

Students were showing their learning and celebrating the moon festival in such an artistic way.  They made the Chinese character “月 (moon)” by using their bodies and working as a team.

Moon Bodies.jpg

Students were getting to know the customs during Mid-Autumn Festival: what Chinese people eat and do during the holiday.


Another way of learning the culture: Chant! Key words were easily obtained by reading catchy chant.

Blog 2.png

Mastering the calligraphy of “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” (中秋节快乐) and hand-making a festival lantern (灯笼)!

Blog 3.pngVanessa Blog.png

Anything better than tasting the authentic Chinese dessert of the festival?

Moon Cakes.png

Chinese language education in a rich cultural environment is what China Institute has been pursuing for years in which young learners could find interests in both language and the culture. Please continue to visit our blog! We are looking forward to more fun events coming up this semester!


Fall 2017!

Greetings Parents and Children,

We are kicking off our Fall 2017 semester here at China Institute. We hope everyone is enjoying their classes!

We are going to use this blog to Update all of the Parents on what we are all up to in our Children’s After-school Program. Each week we will be updating our blog with different pictures, student projects, and videos of students!

Towards the end of the semester we will share final projects from various classes so you can see what we have  been working towards during the semester.

Here are some pictures of us getting to know each other during our first weeks. Toddler.jpgToddler1.jpg

our toddler class, is learning about the seasons through songs and crafts! PREP 1a_1.jpgPREP 1a.jpg

Our Prep 1A class is doing introductions using interactive songs and movement! Mun6.jpgMun2.jpgMun 4.jpg

And our Mandarin Munchkins are just starting their journey in the Chinese Language with stories, movement and music!

Please watch for us in the coming weeks for more updates from all of our age groups!


Welcome letter from the School Director, Fall 2017

Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to the School of Chinese Studies at China Institute. I hope all of our students have had a great start with our school.

Every year I am proud to share with our community the legacy of the school built by generations of Chinese and Americans with great passion about Chinese language and culture. Some of the early founders of the school in 1933 include influential philosophers and educators like John Dewey, Hu Shih, Paul Monroe and Kuo Ping-wen. In 1944, our school was chartered by the Board of Regents of the New York State Department of Education. Today, our school continues to be an integral part of China Institute’s mission, that is, to bridge a deeper understanding between U.S. and China.

I want to thank you, both new and returning families, for joining our program this fall. We are committed to build a learning community for your child(ren). Come to our classes, connect with friends and other families, and explore the many exciting aspects of Chinese culture right here in NYC as individuals and as families. Our program is designed to inspire and sustain your child(ren)’s interest in learning Chinese language and culture.

Please make sure you follow our program blog for updates on classes and events. Do feel free to come to us with any questions and suggestions. A learning community will thrive only with your input and support!

Best Regards,

Shenzhan Liao

Director, School of Chinese Studies
China Institute


Mandarin Munchkins Program

Mandarin, Music and Movements! Come to learn Chinese language and enjoy a bonding time with your kid(s)! Your little ones are at a critical age to expand their exposure to languages, senses, mind and body coordination, social interactions, and more. Designed for both parents (caregivers) and children, this immersive Mandarin class is full of fun, engagement, and interactions. Our experienced teachers are native mandarin speakers with extensive training in early childhood education. No prior Mandarin knowledge is required for this class.

Classes start the week of September 11th, 2017. We accept rolling admission to this program


Season Pass (for 15 sessions):

Once a week $600 per semester/ $1200 per year

Twice a week $1000 per semester/ $2000 per year

Plus a $50 non-refundable registration fee


Walk-in pass: $50


Tues & or Fri (you can choose either one of them or both)

To register, please contact us at emarks@chinainstitute.org or 212-744-8181 ext. 110.


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