Field Trip#6: August 08th, 2017 – The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

Greetings Parents,

This Friday, August 08th, 2017 will be our sixth and the final field trip.

We are going to the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA).

Please make sure children wear our T-shirts for the field trip, alongside with light snack and water.

Our meeting time is 9:45 AM at the entrance of the museum at 215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013. Our pick up time will be at 12:00 PM at the same location.

For more information, please refer to the flyer. MOCA Flyer



Update: 08/15/2017 – The Gu Zheng Workshop

Greetings Parents and Children,

As a continuation of the previous sessions, we had our last Chinese musical performance happened last Wednesday. The Gong Music had brought us another fantastic workshop! 🙂

The topic for this session was Gu Zheng (古箏) and the Wind instruments. 


Our performer (a.k.a. the instructor) introduced various Chinese instruments to the students, alongside with some historical knowledge.


The artist presented the following instruments, click the video and enjoy his performance. 


Performance I

Performance II

Performance III


Then our students got to try the instruments 🙂

Check the videos 🙂

Music I

Music II

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The second half of the workshop focused on the Gu Zheng, the performer played us a song as an introduction.  


And it’s our students’ turn!!! 

***Parents, there are video links on top of your child’s picture, we took videos of everyone!!!***

Cole’s Guzheng experience


Carson’s Guzheng experience


Samuel’s Guzheng experience


Charlies’s Guzheng experience


Stella’s Guzheng experience


Lucas’s Guzheng experience


Amalie’s Guzheng experience


Mila’s Guzheng experience


Liam’s Guzheng experience


Raya’s Guzheng experience


Keila’s Guzheng experience


The instructor performed an excellent song (and he sang) to end the workshop, all the students were engaged and enjoyed the music a lot.

The Guzheng Performance

Hope everyone loved the Chinese musical workshop!


Field Trip#5: The New York Historical Society

Greetings Parents, 

Last Friday, we went to the New York Historical Society. We hoped everyone had a great experience in there. IMG_4500IMG_4502

The younger group joined a workshop about the Eloise, a girl who lives in the “room on the tippy-top floor” of the Plaza Hotel in New York City with her Nanny, her pug dog Weenie, and her turtle Skipperdee. The older group joined a workshop to become a detective. 


Taking the elevator to look for the Eloise!IMG_4610The Eloise Gallery!IMG_4513

It’s okay if we did not know who Eloise is… we got a chance to listen to her story 🙂

Before we started, the teacher taught us a new way if we would like to show our excitements… Check the Video 🙂 When we feel excited….IMG_4524IMG_4532

Then we had a chance to pick up Eloise’s call, she introduced herself to our buddies!


Check the video to see what Eloise was talking to them – Hello, I am Eloise 🙂

Moving on, we started our walking tour in the Eloise Gallery, we did few fun activities during the trip.IMG_4554

We did a scavenger hunt! 🙂IMG_4580IMG_4574

Teachers and parents joined the activities too 🙂 They were working so hard! Check the video –  Scavenger Hunting…

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Our students were very serious in discussing the correct pictures during the scavenger hunt! I love the discussion! 🙂


Check the video for the lovely discussion – Is this the DOG???

For the older group, they joined a historical detective tour to gain a better understanding of the history.


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Meanwhile, after the tours, all the kids had a free time to explore the children museum by themselves 🙂

Click the video – Hey I am recording myself!

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See you next week! 🙂


Updates: 08/14/2017 – Summer Camp Session III Week 1

Greetings Parents and Children,

Welcome to our summer camp session III! It’s hard to believe that this is the last session of the summer program. Time really flies!

Last week, we started our new topic – A trip to China. The first thing that we had to know was how we prepare for our journey. While we were packing our 行李箱, we had to pack a lot of things! 我要帶…. (I have to bring), 我要吃…. (I have to eat), and 我要去…. (I want to go) are the three most important things that we had to learn!

Let’s meet our buddies!

img_4307.jpgThe first day, we spent one lesson to create our classroom agreement, all our friends worked so hard on this, and we had a successful week!IMG_4333Everyone signed their signatures on the agreement! Even the teachers and Mr. Panda.


Everyone should have brought their 行李箱 back home last Thursday, good job everyone 🙂

Students from the other class also learned the same topic and contents 🙂IMG_4344

In the afternoon, we did a lot of things related to the Chinese cultures.IMG_4350We did Chinese brush painting for the 12 Zodiacs. IMG_4349IMG_4347IMG_4361

Amazing works 🙂 !!


We also learned one of the most important Chinese celebrations – Dragon Dance!

Click here for the short video: Afternoon Dragon DanceIMG_8718


Don’t miss our two coming blogs about our field trip and the 古箏 workshop 🙂


Field Trip#5: August 11th, 2017 – The New York Historical Soceity

Greetings Parents,

This Friday, August 11, 2017, will be our fifth field trip.

We are going to the New York Historical Society.

Please make sure children wear our T-shirts for the field trip, alongside with light snack and water. 

Our meeting time is 9:45 AM at the entrance of the museum – 170 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024. Our pick up time will be at 12:00 PM at the same location.

For more information, please refer to the flyer New York Historical Society flyer.

New York Historical Society (Emily)


Field Trip#4: The Prospect Park Zoo

Greetings Parents, 

Last Friday, we went to the Prospect Park Zoo for our fourth field trip. We were shocked by the thunderstorms happened early in the morning. And thank you for our students’ SUPERPOWER, we arrived the zoo and had our trip with beautiful weather!


The Prospect Park Zoo is divided mainly into four parts – The Barn, The Animal Lifestyles, the Discovery Trail, and the Sea Lion Court. We first walked to the Barn… 🙂IMG_4230

When we were walking to the Barn, we found something super exciting! We were guessing if this is a real animal?IMG_4187

And here we arrived at the Barn!


We found many animals living in the Barn, including but not limited to cows 牛, sheep 羊, and pigs 豬, and one of the barn animals that we never learn in the classroom – ALPACA 羊駝!


We observed the lovely animals first, then we started to feed them! All the students were so excited feeding them! 


Check out the videos for the exciting moments!! 😀

Feeding Barn Animals I

Feeding Barn Animals II – It licked my hand!

Feeding Barn Animals – You can’t see me!

Feeding Barn Animals – looking for the 羊羊羊

After feeding the barn animals, we found an area for us to learn how to milk the cows… 

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Wait… hold on, it’s just water 🙂

Check out this video – How our busy buddies milked the cow 🙂

Then we moved on to the Discovery Trail, we had to pass some tricky paths first!IMG_4241IMG_4243IMG_4245IMG_4247

Check out the video – Nothing can stop us!

Look what we found! TORTOISE! 乌龟! Oh, wait, TORTOISESSSSSSSSSSS!!IMG_4255IMG_4253

What did we do next??? – Fed the tortoises! Let’s get some foods for them.IMG_4259IMG_4262IMG_4264IMG_4265

Check out our video – Feeding Tortoises

The tortoises were all full, we walked to the Animal Styles Area and took a break. Well, Mr. Peacock was on our way though…IMG_4267

We found some fishes and sea animals there.


And we found an animal that we were so familiar with – the Monkeys (猴子).


We were fully charged after taking a relaxing break, it’s time to move on to the sea lion show!


It’s an excellent field trip right? Next week we are going to the New York Historical Society!


Updates: 08/07/2017 – Summer Camp Session II Week 2

Greetings Parents, 

Could you imagine that our session II is done already? Moving on to session III, we would like to share some of the moments in session II with you 🙂

We continued our topic “MY SUPERHEROES” during the second week. 

In the morning we started our class with free-play, the magnetic blocks is a fun material to challenge their creativeness!


We also involved an experiential writing station and a drawing station for the students to choose too!

Becuase our field trip last week was planned to visit the zoo, we did some art and crafts activities related to animals.


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Our ages 3-6 students finally dressed up with the customs and ready to be the superheroes!

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Great job our little superheroes! Please have them to tell you the story about 葫芦娃 too!


As a whole group, we did a photo-shooting activity last Thursday. Please enjoy the wonderful pictures 😀

Nihao2 with logoIMG_1173IMG_1179

For the afternoon workshop, we practiced the Chinese Calligraphy, everyone was so enjoyed practicing it!


Check out the videos about their learning processes! 

Chinese Calligraphy Video I  AND  Chinese Calligraphy II

More afternoon activities – 

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More news on this week? Go check out our coming blog – The Prospect Zoo field trip 😀